Gold Star Garden Give Local May 4 2018

Gold Star garden is part of York's first annual one day give to non profits!

Gold Star Garden Give Local York, PA May 4!

Thank you everyone who donated to Gold Star Garden during the first Give Local York. Gold Star Garden received $631.00 and will use your donations to maintain the beautiful living memorial.  

Wreathes Across America December 15, 2018 2pm

2018 Theme   “Be their witness.” Each year millions of Americans come together to Remember the fallen, Honor those that serve and their families, and teach the next generation about the value of freedom. This gathering of individuals and communities takes place in...

Gold Star Garden named Charity of the Year

Gold Star Garden is pleased to be named the Charity of the Year at the Pennsylvania Garden Show of York.  Recognized for gardening excellence and an important contribution to the health and beauty of the community, promoter Richard Jacobus is allowing Gold Star Garden...

May 28, 2018 Gold Star Garden 5K Run Sponsor Info

  YORK GOLD STAR MEMORIAL DAY 5K RUN/WALK & 9 MILE “TOUR THE MEMORIALS” RIDE/RUN/WALK SPONSORSHIP FORM Thank you so much for your interest in being a York Gold Star Memorial Day sponsor. Please...

Wrapped in the stripes of the flag
Rolling onward
Into infinity – the Great Beyond
The silver chord chasing
Becoming earth bound in red and white
The honor and the blood
Flowing ever thus from one increment of time
To the next nonexistent increment.
— Cherriney B.W. Kondor

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